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Latest News

Sealing performance of a nitrogen storage cabinet

Nitrogen storage cabinet is with good sealing performance, the whole nitrogen storage cabinet is made by cold rolled steel plate with USA DuPont ESD paint or stainless steel 304 material. By collecting external nitrogen pipeline /cylinder to work, nitrogen supply is controlled by the flow meter and magnetic valve, into the intelligent nitrogen module through 30 air holes, finally evenly distributed inside the nitrogen storage cabinet.

This way can effectively avoid vaporization condensation after nitrogen gas cylinders/pipeline, but also ensure the average moisture or oxygen content distribution in the nitrogen storage cabient. The purpose of using the nitrogen storage cabinet is to avoid the wet sensitive device from moisture and mildew damage, the main parameter value is relative humidity value.

At present, there are two kinds of nitrogen storage cabinets on the market, one is an intelligent nitrogen storage cabinet, the other is non-intelligent one.
Non-intelligent nitrogen storage cabinet is generally a cabinet with good sealing. The flowmeter is directly filled with nitrogen, no digital display meter appears or a built-in independent temperature and humidity controller, which not only cannot complete the closed control, but also large nitrogen consumption and the application cost is too high.

Intelligent nitrogen storage cabinet is equipped with a microcomputer control system, using the temperature and humidity sensor or oxygen content sensor (the user chooses) , and react to the microcomputer system, the system will automatically compare with the data set by the user, when the practical data in the N2 cabinet reaches the pre-set value, the intelligent nitrogen storage cabinet will automatically use the stable solenoid valve to stop nitrogen supply, thus reaching the purpose of nitrogen saving.

Similarly, when the humidity value in the N2 cabinet is higher than the preset value, the solenoid valve will automatically open the nitrogen supply,. Thinking that there will be a power failure in the factory or laboratory. When the normally configured nitrogen cabinet is power off, the solenoid valve is closed, that is, nitrogen cannot be filled into the cabinet, the problem may not be serious in a short time, once the time is too long, it may have a bad impact on the stored items.
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