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Latest News

Prohibited products for temperature humidity test chamber

Not all specimen can be tested in the temperature humidity test chamber,below items are unsuitable for the environmental test:

A. Explosives
1. Trinitrobenzene, trinitrotoluene, trinitrophenol (picric acid) and other explosive nitro compounds.
2. Nitrated glycols (ethylene glycol dinitrate), nitroglycerin (glycerol trinitrate), nitrocellulose and other explosive nitrates.
3. Peracetic acid, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, benzoyl peroxide and other organic peroxides.
1. Potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate, and other nitrates
2. Metals: lithium, potassium, sodium, yellow phosphorus, phosphorus sulfide, red phosphorus
3. Minerals: calcium carbide (calcium carbide), phosphates lime, magnesium powder, aluminum powder, sodium bisulfite
4. Oxide properties: Potassium chlorate, sodium chlorate, ammonium chlorate and other chlorates, Potassium peroxides, sodium peroxides, ammonium peroxides, and other peroxides and other inorganic peroxides, Potassium hypochlorite and other hypochlorites, Sodium chlorite and other chlorites
C.Easy to burn items:
1. Methanol, ethanol, dimethyl stupid, acid vinegar pentyl ester and other materials that ignition at 0℃ above but below 30℃.
2. Ethyl ether, gasoline, acetaldehyde, propylene oxide, carbon disulfide and other substances that ignition less than -30℃.
3. Ordinary ethane, ethylene oxide, acetone, benzene, methyl ethyl ketone and other ignition at -30℃ above and less than 0℃of the material.
4. Kerosene, light oil, turpentine, isoamyl alcohol, acid vinegar and other substances above 30℃ below 65℃.
D.Partial flammable gases:
Hydrogen, acetylene, ethylene, methane, ethane, propane, butane and other gases at a temperature of 15℃, which may burn at atmospheric pressure, and their ignition is too low.
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