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Latest News

Precision Oven

Precision ovens are used for baking/curing electronic components under constant temperature environment with very good temp. uniformity,it also supports nitrogen purging to protect products from oxidation in high temperature,the oven is widely applied in electronic & semiconductor industry,laboratories and scientificre search institutes.
Precison oven is the best seller for electronic and semiconductor manufacturers,let‘s breifly introduct this kind of oven today:
1.Temperature range: RT-10-200 ℃/RT-10-300 /RT-10-400 /RT-10-500 
2.Interior Material: sus#304 mirror stainless steel; Exterior Material: sus#304 stainless steel
Intelligent PID+SSR control,LED controller with over-temperature deviation protection,more accurate temperature control,the control panel is located at the top of the oven,equipped with explosion-proof door handle
The hot air circulation system is composed of Germany imported low noise multi-wing centrifugal air blower and optimal air duct,the left interior wall is the air inlet,the right interior
wall is air outlet,this air circulation system can automatically adjust temperature uniformity in the working room andd ensure superior temperature homogeneity.

Symor core advantage is handling temperature and humidity control technique,we have distributors in Philippines,Vietnam,Malaysia,India,welcome for possible collabation!
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