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Latest News

Notices in the use of temperature and humidity Test Chamber

The temperature and humidity test chamber simulate the temperature and humidity, so there are a lot of things customers shoud notice in the process of use, although there is detailed instruction when purchasing the equipment. But some users just know how the device works and start using it. This is very easy to cause problems in the use of the equipment, so Symor intends to describe the safety details during the use of temperature and humidity chamber.

1. Before the test, determine if the sample contains flammable and explosive substances to avoid combustion or explosion during the test. Of course, also make sure there is no flammable and explosive material around the test equipment, otherwise it may cause fire and other accidents.

2, Do not open the chamber door to operate during the experiment, or the gas in the studio may cause the operator to burn and so on.

3. At the end of the test or at the time of regular cleaning of the test chamber, power off the equipment to avoid electrocution accidents. Also, when cutting off the equipment power, pull the power cord to pull out the plug, otherwise it may lead to a rupture of the power cord and so on.

You can contact manufacturers if there are some places you donnot understand, do not dismantle and repair the temperature and humidity test chamber without authorization, otherwise it may lead to more serious problems.
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