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Latest News

New start, new technology

Climatest was established in eraly 2001s,mainly engaged in environmental test equipment research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and service ,Climatest has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and has been recognized by "National High-tech Enterprises". It is committed to becoming the leading supplier of temperature and humidity control solutions in the field of Science and Technology.

At present, China‘s scientific and analytical instruments industry face many difficulties, Climatest president Steven Xu points out that the development of domestic instrument companies tends to "homogenization", both in a similar mode of thinking and mode, attach importance to enlargement, despise strength, pay attention to output, despise efficiency, attach importance to imitation but neglect innovation, pay attention to technology but disregard technology, and pay attention to development and neglect industrialization. Based on the many challenges facing the current industry, Climatest implements the strategic transformation,follow the concept  "The product should be high-end, the sales are to be distributed, adhere to the product quality".

Climatest will also launch new products one after another during 2019-2020. At the same time, the new channel relationship will also change from trading type to partner type.The minimum selling price is limited, the national uniform price is regulated, and a certain proportion of profit is reserved for each agent.

The new products introduced by Climatest have the advantages of "Intelligence" and "APP remote viewing and operation". All the products adopt touch screen controller to realize automatic control and operation. They can also make any manager view the data at any time and any place through the mobile phone, and the abnormal operation of the equipment can be reminded in time.

Climatic chambers provides accurate temperature,humidity,light source,pressure,rain and dust environment to test new materials performance in R&D stage,adoptes brand famous components with best technique,to realize the testing and analyzing purpose.  

Air forced drying oven provides a stable high-temperature environment through accurate temperature control, realizes the drying and disinfection of the glassware, the solid articles, the process equipment and the like, adopts the forced convection mode, the air flow circulation is fast, the temperature uniformity of the oven body is very good, the drying efficiency is high, And can meet the application requirements of various quick drying or disinfection.

Climatest make all efforts to innovate and manufacture superior quality products,make your test easier,join us together!

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