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Latest News

How to maintain the compressor of constant temperature and humidity chamber?

1. Before compressor starts:

(1) Check the oil level meter,the oil level in crankcase s/b in standard range,clean the oiliness ;

(2) Check whether the valve to be opened in the exhaust globe valve and its system is in the correct position;

(3) See if the supply voltage, ambient temperature is as required.

2. Compressor in operation:

(1) Compressor suction, exhaust pressure should not exceed the required , listen to the sound of the compressor operation, except the inlet and exhaust valve plate has a clear rise and fall sound, other components should not be percussion sound.

(2) Leakage shall be repaired in time.

(3) When the compressor stops for a long time, the refrigerant shall be recovered into the reservoir and the exhaust stop valve shall be closed.

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