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Latest News

How to correctly use high low temperature humidity test chamber?

1.  In high and low temperature test, users should know the required test sample performance, test conditions, test procedures and test standards, technical performance, equipment structure, especially the controller operation and performance. Also pls carefully read the operation manual of the test equipment, so as to avoid the failure caused by the abnormal operation which results in damaging the test samples and wrong data.

  2. Correct selection of high and low temperature test chamber. In order to ensure accurate test, according to the different conditions of the test samples, please select the appropriate test equipment, the effective volume between test sample and test chamber should keep a reasonable proportion. For heating test samples, the volume should not be more than 1/10 of the chamber volume. The test sample volume shall not be more than 1/5 of chamber volume. For example,a 1000L test chamber can meet a 21` color TV in the temperature storage test,but after power on, it can not meet the requirements and should change it to a bigger test chamber, because TV will emit heat under working status.

  3. Correct placement of test samples. In the high and low temperature test chamber, the test samples should be placed in the same level,the air outlet should not be blocked, the temperature and humidity sensors should be set aside a certain distance to ensure the test temperature is correct.

        4. Correct use of damp heat test box. Damp heat test has certain requirement of  the wet bulb gauze quality inside the chamber, not all gauze can substitute because the relative humidity readings from root temperature and humidity exsists difference. The wet bulb temperature is related to the water amount and evaporation on the gauze surface. These are directly related to the gauze quality, so the wet gauze s/b linen ("wet bulb gauze"). Otherwise, it is difficult to ensure wether the wet bulb thermometer shows correct value, that is, the correct humidity. Also placement wet bulb gauze s/b clearly defined, gauze length: 100mm, tightly wound from the humidity sensor probe, probe cup 20 - 30mm, so as to ensure that the gauze is immersed into water.

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