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Latest News

How to calibrate the climatic test chamber?

1.Calibrate at unloaded condition. In comparison, the main advantage of this method is that it can calibrate the whole working area of the chamber, and can effectively evaluate the applicability of the environmental test chamber. It is not known in time how the test sample will affect the performance of the environmental test chamber.
2.Calibrate at loaded condition.In contrast, the advantage of this calibration method is very obvious, including: it can more accurately detect the impact of the test samples on the performance of the chamber, And it is easy to get the detailed information about the environmental test of the key parts of the samples.
3.The chamber should be re-calibrated after the samples are replaced.
4.In the process of using the environmental test chamber, real-time measurement is carried out. In addition to the advantages of the above second method, this method can also obtain the overall environmental parameters of the test sample during the test.

Climatest Symor® accepts the third party calibration,such as SGS,TUV and other Metrology Authorities.
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