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Latest News

How does constant temperature humidity test chamber work?

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber consists of two parts: temperature regulation (heating, cooling) and humidification. By installing a rotating fan at the top of the chamber, the air is discharged into the chamber to realize the gas circulation and balance the the temperature and humidity inside chamber, and the data collected by the temperature and humidity sensors in chamber are transmitted to the temperature. Humidity controller (micro-information processor) is edited and controlled by air heating unit, condensing tube and evaporating unit in flume.

The temperature adjustment of the constant temperature and humidity chamber is controlled by the temperature controller (micro-information processor), the temperature sensor is built in the chamber, the data is collected, and the temperature is controlled by the micro-information processor. Turn on the air heating unit to increase the temperature or adjust the cooling solenoid valve to lower the temperature in the chamber to control the required temperature. The humidity regulation of the constant temperature and humidity chamber is through the humidity sensor in the body, collecting data, adjusting by the humidity controller (micro-information processor), and connecting the heating element of the sink. By evaporating the water in the tank, the humidity in the tank can be increased or the cooling solenoid valve can be adjusted to achieve the dehumidification effect, so as to control the required humidity. The constant temperature and humidity chamber is provided with multiple protection measures, and the temperature system is equipped with an over-temperature protector, and the air heating element can be automatically shut down with the stop of the rotating fan. The humidifying system can stop power supply with the lower water level of the humidifying tank, and the refrigeration system can stop working with the increase of the temperature of the box (above 40 ℃) or the increase of the humidity.
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