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Latest News

Dry burning alarm of constant temperature and humidity test chamber

When the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is running temperature and humidity test, the dry burning alarm occurs. The fault is that the temperature of the heater is higher than the safe temperature we set, and then the overtemperature signal is sent to the controller. The controller sends out dry burning alarm and stops. The problem of dry burning alarm is divided into :1, water supply failure of humidifier ; 2, false alarm of overtemperature protector;

1. water supply failure of humidifier ;

This refers to the water supply system does not normally supply water to the humidifier, once the humidifier heating pipe heating, soon appear dry fire alarm. The humidification water supply fault is divided into:

1) pumps do not work;

The water supply pump does not work because pump is damaged, needs to replace the new pump, may also the pump control circuit has problem , causes the pump has no power supply, therefore the pump does not work, needs to check the pump circuit, carries on the maintenance;

2) humidifier water supply switch damaged or disturbed;

Whether the humidifier is heated or not is controlled by the liquid level switch of the humidifier waterway. When the water level in the humidifier reaches a certain position, the liquid level switch reaches the upper limit, sends out the liquid level arrival signal to the controller, and the controller gives the heating signal. The heating to heat.

When the liquid level switch is damaged or the dirt is attached to the surface, it can not work normally and there will be false alarm. At this time, it is necessary to replace the new liquid level switch or remove the liquid level switch for cleaning.

2. overtemperature protector false alarm

The overtemperature protector is used to monitor the temperature of the heating pipe. When the overtemperature protector is damaged, the failure to monitor the temperature normally sometimes causes false alarm, so it is necessary to replace the new overtemperature protector.

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