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Latest News

Climate Chamber Maintenance Overview

The lifetime of test chamber depends on how well you take care of it. And the more severe the use, the more serious care should be taken. Thus, humidity and high performance test chambers require more dedication to care. Like your car, cleanliness is the first thing you should do. It is smart to wipe the system down the inside of the chamber after humidity test. Pulling the false-wall off and checking/cleaning the actual cooling coils and heaters should be done occasionally, too. Humidity systems should have their “steam generator” cleaned frequently to avoid a build-up of minerals. With many steam generators hidden out of site, this becomes particularly important to be aware of. The humidity detection system also needs to be checked. If yours is a “wick” based system (which standard CLIMATEST SYMOR units use), the wick should be changed after every test to ensure reliable operation. Electronic, or solid-state, humidity sensors need calibration every six months. Reg. calibration, the chamber controller should be calibrated once a year. this is hard to forget because many companies have quality systems like ISO keeping track of calibrations.

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