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Latest News

Attention for Rain test chamber IP chamber

Rain test chamber is one of the best seller products, it is mainly through the natural environment climate simulation, to detect auto parts or other electrical protection performance against water, However, there are many matters needing attention in the process of installation or use of IP chamber. In addition, there are some users asking us  these precautions:

1. Precautions for installation 

The installation of the equipment also has certain requirements for the ground and surrounding environment , such as ground leveling; the maintenance of good ventilation, the installation of ventilators; the prohibition of equipment has flammable, explosive and corrosive substances, and there should be no strong vibration around the equipment and no strong electromagnetic field phenomenon to affect the tester.

2. Precautions for the use 

When the equipment is running, the water tank should be checked first, and sufficient water should be guaranteed. When the equipment operation process, if abnormal sound, it is necessary to stop immediately to check, and in the process, there is a phenomenon of water spray hole blockage, with tap water after the assembly can be. Its power cord should be properly linked to the specifications and ensure that it is grounded.

3. Prohibited items

This equipment is strictly prohibited items such as inflammable explosive, corrosive, strong electromagnetic emission source and other harmful substances test. 

Cleaning of rain test chamber
Rain test chamber plays an indispensable role, the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment is also important, because it is related to the failure incidence in use and the lifespan.

1. Cleaning process of surface

The equipment is exposed to the outside environment for a long period, and its exterior surface will accumulate a lot of dust. In order to ensure the equipment beauty, cleanliness and avoid aging, it is necessary to clean the exterior surface once a week.

2. Cleaning process of distribution room

Because the machine has been exposed to the outside environment for a long time, the distribution panel, controller, water circuit and so on in the distribution room will accumulate lots of dust, when the air becomes wet, it will cause the equipment failure, so to ensure that the equipment can be operated steadily for a long time, please clean the distribution room once a month. (Tip: Before operation, in order to avoid the occurrence of electric shock accident, need to turn off the switch of the main power supply first! ) 
Maintenance of Rain test chamber

In accordance with IEC 60529, it is used for the testing of external lighting, automotive lamps and signal device enclosure protection test in scientific research units such as military industry, aerospace and electronics. For the maintenance of the equipment,Climatest lists the 4 attentions as below:

1. Check whether the casters are locked to avoid the difficulty of moving the equipment during maintenance;

2. Check whether the power is disconnected or not, ensure that the equipment is maintained in a state of power failure;

3. It is strictly forbidden to cause damage to the equipment, and do not use tools to bump into the equipment during the maintenance process;

4. When the equipment just finish test,each component temeprature is relatively high, it must be carefully touched to avoid the occurrence of scalding accidents;

5. After the equipment has been cleaned up, its electrification needs to be tested at a temperature of 85°/30min.

Rain test equipment can operate according to the "Operation Manual ", and then enter the test state according to the mode of operation set, remember to turn off the power switch after the test is finished.         

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