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Latest News

What is the lowest humidity of temperature and humidity test chamber?

The temperature and humidity test chamber is a kind of equipment that can carry on the temperature and humidity test. Today we mainly explain the lowest humidity issue of this kind of equipment.
In fact, our temperature and humidity test chamber also has a number of ranges, for example, the humidity requirements are only a little lower than the conventional, no less than the 15%RH, we usually recommend the overtemperature and humidity test boxes, Because this is enough to meet the requirements of most users for low humidity environment. Of course, there are some users who need a worse environment, which may be less than 10% RH, and we will recommend extreme temperature and humidity test boxes. The device can achieve a minimum humidity of 1 percent, although not a very large number of users, but some users will choose to buy the device. The selection of temperature and humidity test chambers requires attention to not only whether the minimum humidity can meet their own requirements, but also to pay attention to information such as humidity uniformity, volatility, and so on. The selection must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the standard. Avoid using it to test and get the wrong test results. Of course, the more conditional is to select more accurate equipment, so as to ensure that under load, the test is carried out in accordance with the standard requirements.
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