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Walk-In High Temperature Aging Test Room

Walk-In High Temperature Aging Test Room

  • Walk-in High Temperature Aging Room is to test the products adapability to high temperature environment,widely used in electronic ,telecommunication,plastic,automobiles, can evaluate wether the products quality match regulated standards,and help manufacturers improve accordingly.

    .Other materials

    Complied standards


  • .The inner bladder of the chamber is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate while the outer bladder is made of A3 steel plate sprayed with coating
    .A large observation window is set on the chamber door.
    .Double-layer high-temperature resistant and high-intensity sealing is adopted between the chamber door and the chamber body in order to ensure the  obturation of the testing area.
    .A test hole with 25mm,or 50mm or 100mm diameter is set on the left of the chamber body.
    .A high-quality fixable PU moving wheel is adopted on the bottom of the test chamber



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