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Latest News

Quarterly maintenance of thermal shock test chamber

Electrical part:
1.Clean the dust on the distribution panel. Don‘t touch the water.
2.Fastening the coarse wire inside the chamber and current screw terminal.
3.Check the fixed screw of the circulating fan to prevent the long-term operation of the thermal shock chamber from loosening.
4.Observe whether the large-current contactor, circuit breaker (control compressor, fan) are color-changing and scorched; if any, replace it in time.

Refrigeration part:
1.Regularly clean the condenser (every three months) to prevent temperature shock test chamber from overheating alarm when ambient temperature exceeds 30 degrees.
2.If the thermal shock chamber has not been used for long period,the compressor shall be started once every two weeks for 1 time and about 1 hour at a time.

3.Donnot stop the machine at low temperature (below 0 degrees) to avoid air leakage and frosting at the door of the test chamber.
4.Compressor noise is normally dull, smooth. If the compressor occurs excellent thermal engineering, sharp ear and other abnormal sound, should immediately notify the manufacturer.

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