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Quality speaks itself


Storage items: 
Integrated circuits ,BGA, precision electronic components, special chemicals, semiconductor devices, optical electronic devices, printed circuit boards, optical films and lenses, precision instruments.

Apple iPhone4 8G edition is about to be sold in the Chinese market and the price will be announced.

Moisture-proof dry cabinet can store iPhone4 and its chips
TDA98F(20%-60%RH) /TDB98F(10%-20%RH) /TDC98F (1%-10%RH) /TDU98F(1%-3%RH)
TDA160F(20%-60%RH) /TDB160F(10%-20%RH) /TDC160F (1%-10%RH) /TDU160F(1%-3%RH)
TDA240F(20%-60%RH) /TDB240F(10%-20%RH) /TDC240F (1%-10%RH) /TDU240F(1%-3%RH)
TDA320F(20%-60%RH) /TDB320F(10%-20%RH) /TDC320F (1%-10%RH) /TDU320F(1%-3%RH)
TDA435F(20%-60%RH) /TDB435F(10%-20%RH) /TDC435F (1%-10%RH) /TDU435F(1%-3%RH)
TDA540F(20%-60%RH) /TDB540F(10%-20%RH) /TDC540F (1%-10%RH) /TDU540F(1%-3%RH)
TDA718F(20%-60%RH) /TDB718F(10%-20%RH) /TDC718F (1%-10%RH) /TDU718F(1%-3%RH)

TDA870F(20%-60%RH) /TDB870F(10%-20%RH) /TDC870F (1%-10%RH) /TDU870F(1%-3%RH)

TDA1436F(20%-60%RH) /TDB1436F(10%-20%RH) /TDC1436F (1%-10%RH) /TDU1436F(1%-3%RH)

Anti-static surface treatment of anti-static baking paint, electrostatic resistance of 106-108 ohms, beautiful and generous, strong corrosion resistance.

20 years‘ striving efforts on temperature humidity control research,continuous breakthrough on product quality and innovation,from standard to customized products,
Symor specializes in climatic simulation equipments,precision ovens,dry cabinets,we only focus on what we are good at,quality speaks itself.

Symor Instrument now has cultivated long term distributors in Singapore,Malaysia,Vietnam,Philippines,Thailand......
,let‘s work together to contribute our efforts in electronics manufacturing industry...

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