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Dust-proof Test Chamber

Dust-proof Test Chamber

  • Sand and Dust test chambers simulated dust and sand climate condition to evaluate the effects on products in dust-filled environment, in order to test product sealing performance. Dust test chambers are applied in home appliance outer shell, electronic and electric products, coatings, etc.
    Symor manufactured sand and dust chambers are specially designed to test products against dust ingress by following IEC60529 standard.

    .Home appliance enclosure
    .Aviation enclosure
    .Automobile enclosure


  • .Suit IP5X and IP6X test
    .Interior chamber made by SUS304 stainless steel.

    .Exterior material is steel plate with protective coating.
    .Dust re-cycle blowing by circulating pump.

    .Dust collection section is located on bottom of test chamber.

    .A heater fixed into test chamber to keep dust dry.

    .A viewing window with a manually controlled wiper.

    .Programmable color display touch screen controller which located on right side of chamber.

    .The air velocity for the blowing of dust is controlled by a dust blowing mechanism that includes a motor and blower combination.

    .A stainless steel shelf for placing test specimens.

    .Chamber inside equipped with power interface for test specimen

    .Lighting in test chamber

    .Vacuum system for specimen

    .Bottom install 4 castors for ease moving, and with brakes function

    .Safety protection

    Working principle

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