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Desktop Temperature Humidity Chamber

Desktop Temperature Humidity Chamber

  • Desktop High Low Temperature Damp Heat Climatic Chamber is to test and evaluate products’ ability to withstand extreme temperature and humidity by simulating different climate conditions,the purpose is to make qualified products,it’s specIally designed for narrow space.

    Our desktop capacity is 50L,Temperature Range: -70°C to +150°C.Humidity range:20% to 98% RH.

    .Electronic parts

     Control range



  • .Working chamber made by anti-corrosion SUS#304 stainless steel
    .Temi580 Programmable touch screen controller
    .Original imported France "Tecumseh" compressor
    .Steam humidifying,automatic water supply 
    .Uniform air circulation insie working chamber by low noise blower
    .Reinforced silicone rubber door sealing,which avoids aging and hardening under extreme climate condition.
    .25mm diameter cable port locates at the chamber left side
    .Large transparent viewing window and lighting inside to observe the test process
    .Desktop type designed for narrow space
    .RS232 communication port

    Complied Standards
    Corresponding IEC ISO & ASTM standards
  • .TEMI 880 Touch Screen Programmable controller
    .USB and LAN interface

    .Remote control and remote monitoring
    .Additional 50mm or 100mm diameter cable ports

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